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Hidden Jewels in Memphis- Lichterman Nature Center

I have lived in Memphis my entire life, and today was the first time I EVER stepped foot inside the Lichterman Nature Center on Quince. I have drove by the huge entrance sign a million of times, which is usually covered with pictures of butterflies, foxes, or flowers, depending on the season. Me and the kiddies stepped into a relaxing, calming, and enchanting place once we set foot in the nature center.

Flowers in bloom at the center.

Isn't this mason jar serving as a vase not the cutest?!

My favorite spot. It's so beautiful and calming. I could sit, read a book, and sip wine in this spot all day.

I'm not a nature girl at all, but the Lichterman Nature Center definitely pulled a piece out of me. I love this place and cant wait to go back when the seasons change. I'm sure the foliage and grounds will be even more beautiful.

Visit the Lichterman Nature Center
5992 Quince Rd. 38119