sweet treats by april

Savvy & Chic Business Corner- Sweet Treats by April

Sweet Treats by April has the biggest, juiciest, tastiest berries.....ever!! Featuring cheesecake filled strawberries and chocolate covered grapes,Sweet Treats by April is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Owner of Sweet Treats by April

Started as a favor to dip berries for her former boss, Sweet Treats by April has been filing the sweet tooth cravings for many now in the city of Memphis. When asked how she grew her business so quickly April states, "More and more people asked me to make berries for them and business took off from there." And it's no surprised that April's business is growing and delighting the bellies of all that taste her berries, she uses the biggest, ripest, reddest berries she can find. Look at the size of these berries!!!!

Mardi Gras themed berries

Cheesecake filled berries

Pretty in Pink Glitter Berries

Assortment platter of fresh dipped berries

She also does special orders! Drunken Fruit Bowl!! This bowl features berries soaked in Red Berry Ciroc.

You can place an order if you are in the Memphis area by calling 731-212-0086