summer trends

The Trend Corner- Crop Tops

As the summer heat turns up it's important to be comfortable, cool, and stylishly dress. The trend of crop tops are back from the 90's but in a more chic, stylish, and modern way. Long gone are the spaghetti strapped halter tops that we saw in "Clueless",and some of us dared to rock. Today's crop tops are able to transform a simple pair of jeans into a stylish look perfect for a night on the town.

Pairing a crop top with a high waist pencil skirt, gives you the perfect balance of sexy, chic and sophisticated.  Kim Kardashian and Naya Rivera pulled these looks off perfectly. The high waist skirts also allow you to cover any problem belly areas while still showing a little skin. 

Lace crop tops definitely add a dash of elegance to this sexy trend. 

Want more of a vintage/retro look with looking like a costume? Try pairing your crop top with a flaired skirt as seen on

Blazers+crop tops= the chicest way to wear this trend. 

Pairing a crop and palazzo pants just screams easy, breezy, and oh so chic.

Got curves or problem areas you want to hide? Pair your crop with both a blazer and a high waist bottom to rock this trend.

The Trend Corner- Tutu-rific Skirts

Tulle, lace, ribbons, and bows are no longer reserved for your 5 year old's ballet recital. The trend of adult, chic, and stylish tulle tutu's have been seen everywhere. Paired with crop tops, printed tees, and even jean button down tops, this trend is one that allows the little girl in all of us to shine through. Take a look at a few of these trendy ladies in their tutu-rific skirts!!

Boom Yellow Tulle Skirt from

Tulle Skirt from

A vintage twist from

Tulle for the curvy girl as seen on