style reinvented

Style Reinvented...Kelis..from Bossy Songstress to Songstress of Food

Kelis.. who can forget her with the big curly hair and screaming lyrics in the late 90's. In the early 2000's she stepped back on the scene with a boss attitude, a confidence that had women proclaiming they were bossy, and bragging about their..milkshakes. Today, Kelis has risen to even higher levels in industry. That;s right Kelis is cooking and aking it hot in the kitchen. Sweet and Saucy is the name of her cooking show on the Cooking Channel

In October of 2015, Kelis released her first cookbook, My Life on a Plate. Kelis' love affair with food started as a child. Her mother worked as a chef in her own catering business. Inspired by her mom's hard work and drive, Kelis was inspired her to roll up her sleeves, and learn the cooking business for herself. A lot of her mom's recipes, as well as recipes from her travels are in the book and available on Amazon.

Don't think Miss Kelis is stopping at only a cookbook and a cooking show, she also has a line of sauces by the name of Bounty & Full. The sauces contain 100% natural ingredients and are sourced by Kelis personally. 

Make no mistake, Kelis is still able to heat it up outside of the kitchen as well. 

Be sure to check out Sweet and Saucy on the Cooking Channel. Check your local listings for times and dates. 

A little homage to the fashions, hair and makeup from Bossy. This is my favorite Kelis video. Enjoy!