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Savvy & Chic Business Corner- Designs by Estell

Cherika Hart, the owner of Designs by Estell, is quietly and quickly taking over the trending craft of sewing and designing. Self taught, minus the one class she took at Joann's Fabric, Cherika's craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing considering she has only been sewing and designing for 10 months. With designs ranging from tea skirts, monogrammed clutches, maxi dresses, and even head wraps, Designs by Estell is a brand to be on the look out for!

Cherika Hart owner of Designs by Estell

When asked what inspired her to sew, Cherika states, "I have always wanted to sew but was afraid of the actual sewing machine itself. Watching my grandmother and aunt sew until they passed away was very inspirational to me. To see a piece of fabric become my uniform for school was like magic to me. Once I got older, I was so curious about sewing that I would look inside of my clothes to figure out how everything was attached to make the actual garment. However, I was still afraid of the machine. Until one day, I left a very depressing job that I could not take another day of. I decided that I would start selling bows to gather enough funds for a sewing machine. Bows turned into tutus, monogramming and bow hangers so the money came quicker than expected. September 2015, I knew this was not something temporary. I knew this was a passion that was buried in me for years. My husband decided then, at that moment I needed a logo and a name before we moved any further. Well…. Considering nobody knew my middle name but my close family, I decided it was time to break out of the shell of embarrassment. Yes for 30 years I was embarrassed that I was named after my grandmother, Estell. I lied to several friends about it. Because my grandmother was my inspiration to sew, it was only right, I carried her legacy on with OUR name."

In January of 2016, Cherika realized that this was more than a hobby/ penny pincher. "I actually felt good waking up and starting on projects and orders. It was refreshing!" Cherika started sewing different items and started receiving orders immediately. "It amazes me how far I have come in this little time but I know I have a long way to go in this industry. I’m excited to learn more so that my business will expand."

Her biggest challenge to date when it comes to running a business- "My biggest challenge at this point is stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new pieces. I’m more comfortable with creating skirts and little girls pieces more than anything. However, I have created dresses, rompers and peplums as well, which I find very challenging. I’m in a sewing academy now learning how to self-draft and I’m getting comfortable with making adjustments with commercial patterns." Cherika is also looking to expand her line to include items for tall women."It is hard trying to shop for apparel that really fits tall women. Most of the time, the real issue is the length. A maxi is not considered a maxi if it stops above the ankles, right? lol. It feels and looks funny. As a tall and slim woman it is frustrating when I see beautiful pieces to only try it on and be disappointed with the length."

We asked Cherika what's next for Designs by Estell "I  also plan to teach my daughter Joi Lei the basic of sewing because she seems to be very interested and curious like I was. The only difference is, she is not afraid. Her business will “Blossom” later.

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Savvy & Chic Business Corner- The Brow Bae

Eyebrows frame your face. When shaped, tinted and defined, a good set of brows can change your entire appearance. With that in mind, it is important to have the prefect brow technician to maintain your brows. Tique Boyd- The Brow Bae, a licensed cosmetologist and brow enthusiast, specializes in the cutting edge technique of 3D brows also called Microblading. The Brow Bae researched for years to find a technique that would give clients a more permanent solution, but not a lifetime commitment as a permanent tattoo. She wanted to provide something that her clients could maintain and wake up not having to worrying about brows as part of their morning routine. She came across the 3D brow technique, which is still fairly new in the U.S. and originated in Asia, and the rest is history. 

 "3D Eyebrow Tattooing is unique for its most natural look in shape and color, especially its hair stroke effect, which really matters significantly in defining an individual’s face, and changes a person’s entire look", the Brow Bae states. The procedure is painless and takes about an hour to complete in most cases. There is no bleeding, swelling, and no downtime due to the fact that the handheld blades do not penetrate the dermis layer of the skin. 3D brows/Microblading is semi-permanent tattoo procedure which lasts 10 months to 2 years.

When asked what are the key elements of a good brow, The Brow Bae states" brows are composed of 3 main components: the head, arch, and the tail. A healthy brow head is full but not as full as the middle or arch of the brow, it's kinda wispy, reaching to the middle of each nostril. The arch is what gives you your lift, and it emphasizes your expression. The contents of it should be full of hair. The tail is where the brow drops off and its placement is determined by measuring diagonally from the side of the nose to the outside corner of the eye."

When asked the do's and don'ts of getting your brows done, The Brow Bae states,"the only DO is to let me do them! I'm really serious. The only other do would be anything that promotes hair growth such as, rubbing castor oil on the brows and to brush them with a brow brush when getting 3D brows.
DON'T go to the nail shops! Most times they are not licensed in esthetics, so they don't know the basics or what guidelines to follow when assessing the brows and even if someone is licensed, just make sure they have an eye for a good brow shape. Get referrals. DON'T shave all of your brows away and draw new ones. When doing the 3D brow technique I use EVERY strand of hair, even the baby hairs on the ends! DON'T go to the brow salon too often. Every 3-4 weeks should suffice when getting your brows shaped. Having the brows shaped to often runs the risk of the brow artist removing more and more of what needed to shape the brow. Once the hair has been getting removed often it doesn't come back as fast, but again if you have super thick brows just gage it, but still no sooner than 3 weeks."

In addition to giving women and men a boost of confidence from simply having full and beautiful brows. The Brow Bae also offers this service to individuals who suffer from alopecia and other hair loss causing conditions.

The Brow Bae will be giving a live demo on brow maintenance and microblading at the Behind the Chair Beauty Symposium on November 6th from 8a.m.- 4p.m.
Tickets can be purchased at

To book brow session with The Brow Bae simply click HERE! In addition to 3D brows The Brow Bae also offers facials, lash extensions, lash tint, underarm waxing, as well as full service hair salon services.

Savvy and Chic Business Corner- Made for More Christian Apparel

Made for More is a Christian based apparel line that is catering to the soul and fashion needs of it's buyers. Started by Perpetual Criss, a first generation college graduate in her family, and a strong advocate for how the love of Christ can change your life, Made for More is as a why to spread that very love.The brand is popular for it's graphic tees with empowering and motivating slogans and has birthed the ministry that Perpetual uses to spread the word of Christ."I get to share a message with people everywhere with a few simple words on a tee. It’s amazing!" says Perpetual about her brand.

One of the most popular tees is the Pretty & Purposed tee. When asked about the significance behind the slogan, Perpetual gives a moving and touching reason that shows that this brand is truly from her heart:

 " Pretty and Purposed is a testimony in three words.
Many people don’t know the level of insecurity that I struggled with. Not just the typical oh I don’t feel cute battle. I use to look in the mirror and cry because of my deformities. My left ear is cleft and I have gone through several reconstructive surgeries however, it was never corrected. I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have been tampering with God’s handiwork in the first place. Pretty and Purposed spreads a message to women all over the world that pretty is so much more than a feature and that despite what we think are flaws God has purposed us and created us in his image.  We think of pretty and feel like we have to have the best hair, the straightest teeth, the best physique but Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” To know that God took time to create me and knew me in and out really puts me in a sense of awe."

Don't be mistaken, the Made for More brand isn't just selling tees with motivating words, Perpetual is using the line to motivate teenage girls in a hands on approach. During an event held earlier this year entitled "Pretty and Purposed", teenage girls were pampered, painted inspiring artwork, worshipped Christ, and listened to a panel discussion that instilled the true meaning of being pretty and accepting themselves the way that God sees them.   

"I truly believe that if God has shown you or put a venture on your heart that he will be the source of it.  It will be trying, very trying but you have to continue to move."

With the launch of the website coming this fall and the next "Pretty and Purposed event following soon after, the Made for More brand is one that will definitely be making move moves. In the meanwhile follow them on IG at made4more_christianapparel  or email


Press Release - Holiday Gift Cards from By Andrea Fenise

The holidays are the perfect time for personalized gifts. Andrea Fenise has added yet another amazing product to her growing. These amazing gift cards are the perfect finish to any holiday gift.

ANDREAFENISE is available for booking for public speaking engagements, hosting events and workshops. Private lifestyle design consultations are also available for individual clients and groups. 

Savvy & Chic Business Corner- Kimberly's Nail Care

Model, diva, fashion extraordinaire, and the former Ms. Full Figured Fever, is only a minor list of hats that entrepreneur Kimberly Branch wears. A Native of Memphis, TN and graduate of Lemoyne Owen College with a degree in Business Management, Kim is a fully licensed cosmetologist with 12 yrs of experience. 

 Kimberly started doing nails as a little girl. She fell in love with the glitter and glam of nails after watching her mom and her girlfriends have girls night out. When asked how did she take her childhood love of nail care into a career, Kimberly states..."As I got older and found out about cosmetology schools I went for it. Pampering and caring for people and their beauty needs was my passion. I wasn't going to stop until I got it right. From the nail filing down to polishing."

Shellac Manicure w/Design

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art
Minx Nails

Full set with nail art

 The advice Kimberly would pass on to upcoming manicurist "is never give up on your dream of nail care. This field is so important to the human body. Polish can turn a girls frown into a smile. One simple hand or foot massage can take you very far. Just remember to give great customer service along with quality work."

Contact Kim for all your nail care needs.

Kim_NAILDIVA on instagram
Kimberly Branch on facebook
(901) 314-4100 by phone 

Services provided include:
Manicures, Pedicures, Acrylics, Gels & a wide range of creative designs.
Kimberly is also certified in MINX and Shellac services. 
Additional services include eye lash enhancements and waxing. 

Savvy & Chic Business Corner- Serenity by Sonya


Wildberry handcrafted soap, bath bomb, and candle
Mango Butter, Pound Cake,  Passion Fruit, and Lemongrass.....these are just a few of the scents you can purchase at Serenity by Sonya. Serenity by Sonya is a lifestyle brand built by former Virginian housewife Sonya Holmes. As a housewife, Sonya had a love for candles and in 2009 turned that love into a business. She did so well with candles that she slowly added more items to her product line. Today her brand is booming and the addition of skin care products, jewelry, clothing, and shoes is making Serenity by Sonya a household name. 
Coconut Lime Bath Bomb

When asked what is the secret to her fast growing business, Sonya says-  I stick by my slogan : Every woman deserves a little Serenity. It brings me great joy and satisfaction seeing women happy with their purchase.

You can visit Serenity by Sonya at 1985 Kroger Rd. Suite 13c located In West Memphis, Arkansas.Also visit the website Serenity by Sonya

Savvy & Chic Business Corner- Mary's Sweet Heaven

The latest addition to the Savvy & Chic Business Corner is a master when it comes to creating delicious cakes, cupcakes, and basically any sweet treat you can imagine. Mary's Sweet Heaven, is without a doubt heavenly. From her whimsical makeup inspired cupcakes to her elegant wedding cakes, you are sure to find the perfect cake with Mary's Sweet Heaven.

Mary Cheers-Williamson
Owner of Mary's Sweet Heaven

When asked what inspired her to start her own business Mary states,
"After I got married in 2007, my husband was working 3pm-11pm and sometimes 11pm-7am, needless to say I was BORED.COM! We were living in a small town in West Tn and I needed something to do...I tried sewing, but it didn't work out. Well, long story short, I volunteered to make a cake for a baby shower, and after that I was into baking! When it became more than a hobby, my husband found a culinary school in Nashville, and a few months later we moved and I was in school!"

Using the freshest ingredients available Mary is able to create cupcake towers, cupcake floral arrangements and simple but elegant wedding cakes.

Her favorite part of her business.... "I really enjoy the happiness that my sweets bring people. I love when I can take an idea and turn it into an edible masterpiece!"
Want a cake?
You can reach Mary via Facebook at
or by calling 615-852-6853

Savvy & Chic Business Corner- Sweet Treats by April

Sweet Treats by April has the biggest, juiciest, tastiest berries.....ever!! Featuring cheesecake filled strawberries and chocolate covered grapes,Sweet Treats by April is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Owner of Sweet Treats by April

Started as a favor to dip berries for her former boss, Sweet Treats by April has been filing the sweet tooth cravings for many now in the city of Memphis. When asked how she grew her business so quickly April states, "More and more people asked me to make berries for them and business took off from there." And it's no surprised that April's business is growing and delighting the bellies of all that taste her berries, she uses the biggest, ripest, reddest berries she can find. Look at the size of these berries!!!!

Mardi Gras themed berries

Cheesecake filled berries

Pretty in Pink Glitter Berries

Assortment platter of fresh dipped berries

She also does special orders! Drunken Fruit Bowl!! This bowl features berries soaked in Red Berry Ciroc.

You can place an order if you are in the Memphis area by calling 731-212-0086