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Fashion Find- Nubian Skin

Us brown girls know how hard it is to find a true nude bra when we need one. We often end up with underwear that is beige or just plain dingy looking. Well worry no more because Nubian Skin is the answer to all the brown girl hosiery and lingerie problems. With bra sizes ranging from 30A to 40DD and colors with yummy names like Au Lait, Caramel, Berry, and Cinnamon you are sure to love the colors and variety that this brand offers.

Founded in London by fashion lover Ade Hassan, Nubian Skin was founded out of the frustration of not having true nude options for women of color. The delicate, sexy, and stylish selection of bras, panties, and thigh highs are what brown skin girls have been craving for years. 

Nubian Skin offers worldwide shipping, and has a price point of $13.00-$70.00. With these prices and stylish options, brown girls have no excuse not to have the best options when it comes to undergarments. 

Check out a behind the scenes photo shoot and interview with the creator Ade Hassan and her style team.