Nicki Minaj's Pills and Potions Video and the Fabulous Fashions

Ok, we all know that Nicki Minaj has had a great style evolution that shows her true, breath-taking, jaw dropping beauty. This new simple, chic,and clean look continuous in her new video for Pills and Potions. I love the simplicity of the video and the tones in her voice are wonderful during the opening chorus of the video. But, the real reason I love the video... is for the fashions of course.

This is my favorite look from the video. The messy braid paired with over the knee lace boots, and this fur vest......YAASSSS!!!

Bunny ears, crimped hair, and a Spongebob inspired bubble jacket from Moschino's Fall 2014 Collection.....Sounds like a lot, but it works for Nikki. 

Nothing, and I been nothing tops a simple shift dress and long flowing hair.

A full view of that fabulous fur vest!

Check out the official video and all the looks featured ,as well as the eye candy that the rapper Game was giving us.

What is your favorite look from the video?