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Style in the City:Holiday Glam Party

Last night myself and Ashley Dean-Parson of Dean of Fashion hosted a holiday party for some of our guests and donated items to a family in need this holiday season. Above I am pictured with Paris. Her mom is going through a few health issues this holiday season and we invited her out to enjoy an evening with us. We gifted her with items that inluded clothing from Lollipops and Dots and a stocking stuffed with all kinds of goodies. Check out a few pics from last night's event. 

Happy Dean of Fashion Shopper

Happy Style by L. Thomas Shopper
Cassandra of C. Dixon Makeup was beating faces all night. Here she is treating Mrs. Yvonne (Paris's grandmomther) to a brow shaping session.

Myself and Elnora of the Beyond Beauty Group.

Ms. Full Figure Fever 2014 Athenia Peterson 

Happy Shopper from Style by L. Thomas

Ms. Jennie. She is the fabulous owner of Jenuinely Chic and was a vendor last night.

Crystal of Corset Cutie! She has the best corsets and also does handmade beads.
Ashley and Elnora

Veronica Fuzz and her to delicious cupcakes from Squeaky's Sweet Treats. The peach cobbler cupcake is....omg!!! 

How to make a scarf ...from a dress (Video)

Today's outfit of the day includes
Top- Dirt Cheap
Earrings- Benyes's Boutique
Leggings- Envy Chic Couture
Shoes- Shoe Time
Scarf- See the video below!!!

Check the video out on how to make a scarf from a dress!!!

Fly, Fab, & Fashionable

If you are looking for someone to style you then you Kimberly "Fashionably Lethal" Newson is a name you need to know. Kim has a resume that includes mom, wife, stylist, and boutique owner. Her personal style is haute and sets trends among her peers.

When asked to describe her sense of fashion and fashion influence...
"I’m a lover of fashion; but for me, it’s more about style. Fashion is the designer, style is the person and I consider my style to be a mixture of posh with a sprinkle of casual flair. I take much pride when it comes to dressing effortlessly and I’m not one to follow rules or get so caught up on every fashion trend. Rules are meant to be broken so create your own style is what I always say. I just do what I love to do and wear what works for my body type."

"As a small child, I remember my mother being on the sewing machine; making dresses with matching baby doll socks just for me. She made sure I was dressed to the nines wherever we went. Her words regarding my appearance still remains fresh on my mind today. She said, “Kim, your smile, personality and appearance is everything so make sure all three are on point at all times”. Words to live by….. I get it from my momma."

When asked about her business and it's future, Kim responds....
"Currently, I am revamping my online boutique, Fashionably Lethal, where we style and accessorize the on the go style-ista. Earlier this spring, I launched my statement t-shirt line from Fashionably Lethal. “Achieve Goals, Not Likes”, is a statement I came up with simply because in today’s society, most people live for likes and followers on social media. Achieving “LIKES AND FOLLOWERS”, should not be on a person’s to do list every single day. I believe in this statement, the Fashionably Lethal brand and I hope it will empower our younger generation to Achieve Goals, Not Likes.
Stay tuned for the re-launch of Fashionably Lethal’s online boutique in early 2015. To order the Achieve Goals, Not Likes tee and/or book a styling session, send your inquiry to
Also like her business page Fashionably Lethal on Facebook.