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Insider Fashion Tip- Lift your Breast without a Breast Lift.

Want your breast to sit nicely without wearing a bra with those plunging neckline tops and gowns? Try the age old fashion trick of duck tape. Use the clear version of this heavy duty tape to lift breast.  While there are breast lift tapes on the market,they are made for breast sizes D and smaller. To apply the duck tape lift method make sure your breasts are free from any oils or lotions. Apply the tape to the lower part of the breast just below the areola and just above the crease of the breast.  This technique will allow the nipple to invert as you lift the tape. This will help ease the pain of removing the tape as the nipple area is sensitive to the strong tape.  Be sure to cut a strip of tape that is long enough to reach from the top of the crease of your breast to just above your areola on the top of your breast.  Check out the video below using a breast lift tape.  The technique to apply the duck tape is the same but saves you a lot of money.