Wakanda Forever- The Fashion of Black Panther

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I finally got a chance to see the epic movie Black Panther, and I must say it lived up to all the hype that surrounded it. Let me first start by saying that I loved the strong portrayal of black women in this movie.  From being leaders, scientists, warriors, and having a voice of opinion, Black Panther definitely highlighted women of color in a strong and positive manner, something that is so needed in today's society. 



 Now as for the costume design.......LOVE is an understatement. Ruth Carter, the costume designer for Black Panther did an amazing job with pulling inspiration from various African cultures to create the modern yet traditional African looks.  With the use of 3-D printed accessories, a cast of designers, and years of experience that range from movies that include Malcolm X, Selma, and What's Love Got to do With it, Carter took us fully into Wakanda via the fashions. Carter stated in a Glamour interview that she, "was under a lot of pressure to not create a stereotype", Let's just say she didn't but created a modern, tech-savvy, world all while remaining true to African culture via the fashions in Black Panther. 

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One of the brands that Carter tapped to create authentic and modern African looks came from Nigerian designer Walé Oyéjidé, creative director of the menswear line Ikiré Jones. Oyéjidé was responsible for designing the beautiful scarf that King T'challa is seen wearing in a post credit scene in the movie(be sure to stay until ALL the credits are done rolling). The use of African based designer and brands does a great job of bringing the traditional African garb into the modern fashion world of Wakanda.

Take a look at a few of my favorite looks from the movie!


costume design for black panther wakanda.jpg
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killmonger from black panther.jpg
What is your favorite look from the movie?!

What is your favorite look from the movie?!

Savvy & Chic Business Corner- Designs by Estell

Cherika Hart, the owner of Designs by Estell, is quietly and quickly taking over the trending craft of sewing and designing. Self taught, minus the one class she took at Joann's Fabric, Cherika's craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing considering she has only been sewing and designing for 10 months. With designs ranging from tea skirts, monogrammed clutches, maxi dresses, and even head wraps, Designs by Estell is a brand to be on the look out for!

Cherika Hart owner of Designs by Estell

When asked what inspired her to sew, Cherika states, "I have always wanted to sew but was afraid of the actual sewing machine itself. Watching my grandmother and aunt sew until they passed away was very inspirational to me. To see a piece of fabric become my uniform for school was like magic to me. Once I got older, I was so curious about sewing that I would look inside of my clothes to figure out how everything was attached to make the actual garment. However, I was still afraid of the machine. Until one day, I left a very depressing job that I could not take another day of. I decided that I would start selling bows to gather enough funds for a sewing machine. Bows turned into tutus, monogramming and bow hangers so the money came quicker than expected. September 2015, I knew this was not something temporary. I knew this was a passion that was buried in me for years. My husband decided then, at that moment I needed a logo and a name before we moved any further. Well…. Considering nobody knew my middle name but my close family, I decided it was time to break out of the shell of embarrassment. Yes for 30 years I was embarrassed that I was named after my grandmother, Estell. I lied to several friends about it. Because my grandmother was my inspiration to sew, it was only right, I carried her legacy on with OUR name."

In January of 2016, Cherika realized that this was more than a hobby/ penny pincher. "I actually felt good waking up and starting on projects and orders. It was refreshing!" Cherika started sewing different items and started receiving orders immediately. "It amazes me how far I have come in this little time but I know I have a long way to go in this industry. I’m excited to learn more so that my business will expand."

Her biggest challenge to date when it comes to running a business- "My biggest challenge at this point is stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new pieces. I’m more comfortable with creating skirts and little girls pieces more than anything. However, I have created dresses, rompers and peplums as well, which I find very challenging. I’m in a sewing academy now learning how to self-draft and I’m getting comfortable with making adjustments with commercial patterns." Cherika is also looking to expand her line to include items for tall women."It is hard trying to shop for apparel that really fits tall women. Most of the time, the real issue is the length. A maxi is not considered a maxi if it stops above the ankles, right? lol. It feels and looks funny. As a tall and slim woman it is frustrating when I see beautiful pieces to only try it on and be disappointed with the length."

We asked Cherika what's next for Designs by Estell "I  also plan to teach my daughter Joi Lei the basic of sewing because she seems to be very interested and curious like I was. The only difference is, she is not afraid. Her business will “Blossom” later.

For more info on Designs by Estell

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Kandi Burruss's Son Has a Product Line.

If nothing else, Kandi Burriss knows how to make a buck. The money making talent has been passed on to her son Ace, with the launch of his very own product line Raising Ace and the launch of his shoe line, Ace Wells Shoes. Raising Ace will include products with will carry teething necklaces, onesies, and much more. 

Check out the announcement Kandi did via the Raising Ace Instagram page.

The Weight is Over Fashion Show

It's that time of year again!
Ashley Dean presents the 7th annual The Weight is Over Fashion Show.

Come out  and enjoy the latest plus size fashions from some of the industry’s top designers and   boutiques that will include Lane Bryant, Style by L. Thomas, Eloquii, and of course Dean of Fashion. This year's models will be socialites, business owners, and women who are making a difference in the Memphis community. This year's show will be hosted by celebrity stylist GOO GOO.

 General Admission $20.00
VIP $40.00 Front Row Seating, Swag Bag, & VIP reception before the show
Location: Clark Opera Memphis 6745 Wolf River Pkwy, Memphis, TN 38120

To purchase tickets visit The Weight is Over Fashion.

Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Show

Mercedes Benz NYFW is wrapping up and the net is flooded with pictures and videos of spring/summer 2017 fashions to come. I have viewed quite a few collections and I must say Christian Siriano and his collection definitely caught my eye. The bold colors, the flowing fabrics, the cape dress...I absolutely loved it. Christian was also praised this season for featuring plus size models on the runway this season. I personally think the plus size designs were an afterthought. They didn't flow with the collection effortlessly as the other pieces did. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces from the collection and the show in it's entirety below.

Style Crush- Carmen Dell'orefice

Carmen has been dubbed the world's oldest working supermodel. At 85 years old Carmen is still gracing the runways of designers all over the world. Born in New York to Italian and Hungarian descent, Dell'orefice began her career a few months shy of her fourteenth birthday in the summer of 1945. Carmen Dell’orefice, an introverted, skinny kid of Italian-Hungarian extraction (father a musician, mother a dancer) walked over to the Vogue studios at 480 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan and reported for work. Her first pictures - by the underrated Clifford Coffin - show a serious, disconcerting beauty with an intense gaze, a dancer’s elongated lines and a swimmer’s athletic shoulders, and on the strength of them Vogue offered her an exclusive, $7.50 an hour, contract. With countless magazine cover and runway shows under her belt since her first cover, Dell'orefice is still making waves in the fashion industry.
Vogue Cover 1947
Outside of being drop dead gorgeous, Carmen also has been known as a keen needlewoman. She would buy charity shop blankets and make them into coats in her early modeling days. "Me and Suzy Parker [the model and actress] always took our sewing-machines to Paris so we could make something to wear in the evening." Add actress to her resume with tv shows and movies to include, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ,The Guru, Celebrity, The Sunchaser, and The Age of Innocence, and you have a model, actress, and author, that has blazed the runways and cameras for those that came after her.
A three time divorcee, a best selling author, and a mother of one, Carmen is still going strong at the ripe age of 85. When asked how she keeps her model shape, she simply states "I eat to my appetite and don’t count calories." Although she does admit to having a great appreciation to ice cream. 

Check out a few videos featuring the forever impeccable Carmen Dell'orefice below.  


Would you Wear Body Paint for a Day?

Julie, who struggles with body issues, decided to join Pusher House, an artist and body painter for a experiment that would help her conquer her body fears. Julie states"“Growing up, I never really had much of an issue with my body image until probably late high school,” she said. “I was in a musical and I had to wear a leotard onstage. The next day at school I heard someone talking about my cellulite on my legs. I was always really concerned with if I looked skinny enough and that kinda planted a seed in my head.”

Wearing only a painted on white t-shirt and denim ripped jeans, which was nicely done, many people didn't even notice she was only wearing paint.

Check out the video. Would you be wiling to wear nothing but paint for a day?

Why Micheal Kors is For Basic Bitches

So don't kill me. The headline was taken from a post done by A market analysis lead to the brand being labeled as for basic bitches only. With big box department stores closing, constant promotional sells on the handbag line of Michael Kors, and bad branding imaging, sells have dropped 7.6% since last year. The running joke with basic bitch brands that now also include Michael Kors states: that if is she wears a Michael Kors bag, Lululemon leggings, Ugg boots, a North Face fleece, and holds a Starbucks cup, she's a basic bitch. But Why? Have Michael Kors along with LuLuLemon and others lost there exclusivity due to not holding spots only at the top boutiques? Has the lack of not being seen on the arms and bodies of celebrities relegated them to their basic status? In all honesty what is wrong with being "basic".

Does the lack of unthinkable wealth, private yachts, or money to burn on $2500 bags qualify one as basic. Simple answer- the wide spread availability of the Michael Kors brand to the everyday working woman and not just the fancy suburban housewife, has lead to the brand not being seen in the light that it once was. With brands like Coach focusing on more fashion couture ads, cutting promotional sales, and making better quality items, brands like Michael Kors are falling further down the line of high end brands. I honestly feel that the wide spread appeal of the brand would be beneficial to the Michael Kors brand if marketed right. By simply losing the emblem heavy items that are so easily replicated in the China based markets, and moving to simple and chic designs along with high end materials, the brand could be easily headed back to it's glory days.

What are you thoughts? Is MK only for basic bitches?

Sisterhood Showcase 2016

I had the pleasure of attending of the 2016 Sisterhood Showcase. I haven't attending in a while and I must say it was a great experience after years of missing out on the festivities.

The showcase started off with Cocktails and 
Conversations which was powered by Centric. The event included panel speakers to include Memphis's own Andrea Johnson of THE Bubble Bisto, Myleik Teele of Curlbox, Mahisha Dellinger of Curls, and Christina Stevison, the President of the Sisterhood Showcase.

photo from Sisterhood Showcase FB page.

The panel discussed everything from managing your time, financing your business, staying true to your goals and much more.
Side note- Can we get into how fabulous the stage setup is!

Photo booth fun with the owners of Dean of Fashion, Jenuinely Chic, A Natural Affair Beauty Lounge, and RBG Productions

Saturday was filled with a day of celebrities, fashion, music, and more. The attendees had the pleasure of hearing the Southern Hummingbird herself take to the stage. The oh so handsome Joe followed Tweet and gave the ladies a real treat!

Photos from One 901

The highlight for me was the fashion show of course which was produced  by the Dean of Fashion herself! The models and the fashions were the perfect finish to the event!

Model Envi Nicole backstage wearing Tanganika by Tangie

photo from One 901
Model wearing Dean of Fashion
photo from One 901

Model Ashley Bailey wearing Snatched Boutique

Of course the vendor were there with fabulous finds

My favorite set up at the Sisterhood Showcase was from My Heavenly Creations. Not only was the display beautiful but the products smelled amazing.

 I must say it was an amazing showcase. I'm excited for the president of the company and can't wait to see next year's events. Be sure to follow for like Sisterhood Showcase for more pics, videos, and updates on future events.


Beyonce Introduces New Clothing Line- Ivy Park

While everyone is waiting on new music and the start of the Formation Tour, Beyonce has once again snatched wigs and our pocketbooks by releasing her new clothing line Ivy Park. Ivy Park is a collabration with TopShop's Sir Phillip Green. The active wear apparel line will be available starting April 14 at TopShop, Nordstrom, and Net-a-Porter. Say what you must, but the marketing machine behind Beyonce is genius. Check out pics and a video on why she named the line Ivy Park.

K. Michelle "Not A Little Bit"

If you haven't heard K. Michelle's new album "More Issues than Vogue", honey you are missing out. This collections of ballads and up tempo hits show the growth of K.Michelle musically, spiritually, and mentally. The second release off the album,"Not a Little Bit" is a ode to putting old lovers behind you and moving on. The visuals for the video are stunning. We see K. Michelle in very soft hair and makeup and toned down yet classy wardrobe.This may be may favorite visual presentation from her thus far. Take a look and give your opinion.

10 Year Old Turns Bullying into a Fashion Empire


"I was bullied, and they called me all kinds of names," she told NBC. So she began to design clothes and sew them with the help of her grandmother.

Read complete article at Shine

Beyonce pays tribute to MJ at SuperBowl 50.

So Superbowl 50 has wrapped up, but the buzz of the halftime shop featuring ColdPlay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce as the internet still buzzing. Especially since Queen Bee just announced her Formation World Tour.  While we must wait until Feb. 15 to get tickets to the tour ( Feb. 9 if you are a member of the Beyonce Fan Club), tonight we can dance in the glory of the MJ insired look created by Dsquared2 designers Dean and Dan Caten. The look was inspired by Michael Jackson's 1993 Superbowl performance that was a little over 12 minutes long.


Not only did Beyonce announce that she will be going on tour, she also released the video for Formation on Tidal this weekend. Talk about a full and fabulous weekend. Now all we need is another surprise album to drop tonight. 

Check below for tour dates to the Formation Tour. Tickets are set to range between $65-$300.

Marlo Hampton Has a New Show- Marlo's Closet

Everyone's favorite friend to the housewives has her own show. Marlo has a web based show entitled Marlo's Closet. The show is taped in Marlo's closet and covers everything from friendships, relationships, biological clocks, and of course fashion! She sat down with one of my favorite fashion bloggers Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily for a little girl talk. Check out the episode below.

Be sure to subscribe to view upcoming episodes at Marlo's Closet.

What to Wear for New Year's Eve!

Brandy Stars in Zoe Ever After

20 years after starring in MOE to the, E to the ...Moesha,  Brandy Norwood is back in the new BET series Zoe Ever After.  Norwood takes on not only the starring role but, is also a creator of the series.  Norwood plays a divorced single mother that is trying to balance motherhood, dating, and the launch of her life long dream of owning a cosmetic company.

Apart from seeing Brandy back on our televisions in a starring role,  I'm also ready to check out the fashions for these new series. Take a sneak peek of this new series.

Zoe Ever After airs January 5 on BET.  Check your local listings for the time. 

First Black Trans Model Ever Revealed

Tracey “Africa” Norman always knew that the question wasn’t if she’d be found out, but how long she could go undetected.

To be black and from Newark in the mid-1970s and get plucked from a model casting call for Italian Vogue by Irving Penn — it was the kind of success story that was unheard of....

Click link to view the rest of the story at NY MAG

Trend Corner - Fall in love with the 70's

Fall is approaching and it's time to get those fall fashions in order.  The 70's are back but in an updated and chic version of it's self.  With looks from H&MBEBE,  and Forever 21 to name a few,  you can get into this trend at any budget.
H&M- Patterned Jersey Dress $14.99

Forever 21- Faux Leather Gauchos $29.90

Express- Green Fedora Hat $49.90

BEBE Print Lace Trim Maxi Dress $179.00

Ann Taylor Sonya Fringe Boot $198