Savvy & Chic Business Corner- The Brow Bae

Eyebrows frame your face. When shaped, tinted and defined, a good set of brows can change your entire appearance. With that in mind, it is important to have the prefect brow technician to maintain your brows. Tique Boyd- The Brow Bae, a licensed cosmetologist and brow enthusiast, specializes in the cutting edge technique of 3D brows also called Microblading. The Brow Bae researched for years to find a technique that would give clients a more permanent solution, but not a lifetime commitment as a permanent tattoo. She wanted to provide something that her clients could maintain and wake up not having to worrying about brows as part of their morning routine. She came across the 3D brow technique, which is still fairly new in the U.S. and originated in Asia, and the rest is history. 

 "3D Eyebrow Tattooing is unique for its most natural look in shape and color, especially its hair stroke effect, which really matters significantly in defining an individual’s face, and changes a person’s entire look", the Brow Bae states. The procedure is painless and takes about an hour to complete in most cases. There is no bleeding, swelling, and no downtime due to the fact that the handheld blades do not penetrate the dermis layer of the skin. 3D brows/Microblading is semi-permanent tattoo procedure which lasts 10 months to 2 years.

When asked what are the key elements of a good brow, The Brow Bae states" brows are composed of 3 main components: the head, arch, and the tail. A healthy brow head is full but not as full as the middle or arch of the brow, it's kinda wispy, reaching to the middle of each nostril. The arch is what gives you your lift, and it emphasizes your expression. The contents of it should be full of hair. The tail is where the brow drops off and its placement is determined by measuring diagonally from the side of the nose to the outside corner of the eye."

When asked the do's and don'ts of getting your brows done, The Brow Bae states,"the only DO is to let me do them! I'm really serious. The only other do would be anything that promotes hair growth such as, rubbing castor oil on the brows and to brush them with a brow brush when getting 3D brows.
DON'T go to the nail shops! Most times they are not licensed in esthetics, so they don't know the basics or what guidelines to follow when assessing the brows and even if someone is licensed, just make sure they have an eye for a good brow shape. Get referrals. DON'T shave all of your brows away and draw new ones. When doing the 3D brow technique I use EVERY strand of hair, even the baby hairs on the ends! DON'T go to the brow salon too often. Every 3-4 weeks should suffice when getting your brows shaped. Having the brows shaped to often runs the risk of the brow artist removing more and more of what needed to shape the brow. Once the hair has been getting removed often it doesn't come back as fast, but again if you have super thick brows just gage it, but still no sooner than 3 weeks."

In addition to giving women and men a boost of confidence from simply having full and beautiful brows. The Brow Bae also offers this service to individuals who suffer from alopecia and other hair loss causing conditions.

The Brow Bae will be giving a live demo on brow maintenance and microblading at the Behind the Chair Beauty Symposium on November 6th from 8a.m.- 4p.m.
Tickets can be purchased at www.AdrienneSmall.com.

To book brow session with The Brow Bae simply click HERE! In addition to 3D brows The Brow Bae also offers facials, lash extensions, lash tint, underarm waxing, as well as full service hair salon services.