5 Quick & Easy D.I.Y. Halloween Costumes

1. Scarecrow

Grab a pair of jeans, a plaid flannel shirt, a hat, flowers, and a little makeup,and you will be the most fashionable scarecrow ever.

2. Medusa
A quick search of your closet for a solid color maxi dress and a trip to your local dollar store's toy section will turn you into an elegant modern day Medusa. 

Got purple or green balloons? Blow them up, attach a piece of greenery from an artificial plant to your head and wallah..the perfect grape costume. 

4.Animal Face
Are you a skilled makeup artist? If so, break out those brushes and creative your favorite animal.

5. Christmas Tree
Got a little extra tulle laying around the house. Wrap yourself in it, add Christmas ornaments and you are a singing Christmas tree.