AFLD Presents Brunch & Sew Holiday Edition

AFLD Presents Brunch & Sew Holiday Edition

Join Andrea Fenise and the AFLD as she hosts the holiday edition of her wildly successful Brunch and Sew series. This is the holiday edition and will also celebrate the founder's birthday!Enjoy a night of crafting, cocktails, and conversations.

This edition of Brunch & Sew will feature two design options!

 If you are a beginner, you will be taught how to make these gorgeous over sized faux fur pillows.

5 Quick & Easy D.I.Y. Halloween Costumes

1. Scarecrow

Grab a pair of jeans, a plaid flannel shirt, a hat, flowers, and a little makeup,and you will be the most fashionable scarecrow ever.

2. Medusa
A quick search of your closet for a solid color maxi dress and a trip to your local dollar store's toy section will turn you into an elegant modern day Medusa. 

Got purple or green balloons? Blow them up, attach a piece of greenery from an artificial plant to your head and wallah..the perfect grape costume. 

4.Animal Face
Are you a skilled makeup artist? If so, break out those brushes and creative your favorite animal.

5. Christmas Tree
Got a little extra tulle laying around the house. Wrap yourself in it, add Christmas ornaments and you are a singing Christmas tree. 


Style in The City- Grand Opening of The Candle Bakery

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the sweet, chic, and fabulous Candle Bakery. The Candle Bakery is owned my David and Tiffany Greenlee. The Candle Bakery features candles that are fashioned after your favorite cupcake and cookie flavors. The candles are so delicious looking, that many people often mistake them for yummy sweet confectioners. 

Not one to disappoint, the delicious and sweet scents that come from these handmade candles will more than fill your sweet tooth.  With each soy based candle offering at least 8 hours of burn time, the delicious smell of these candles will last and last. 

In addition to cupcake and cookie shaped candles, The Candle Bakery also sells traditional shaped candles and room spritzers. 

The owner Tiffany Greenlee (l) and the lovely ladies of the Candle Bakery.

Happy Shoppers

The Owners of The Candle Bakery David & Tiffany Greenlee

You can stop by the bakery at 2838 Hickory Hill Ext. Suite11
                                         or shop online at

Crafting Ideas- Button Monogram

I recently got into crafting and came across this cute idea of a button monogram. This is a simple, chic, and fab way to add a pop of color and personality to any room in your home. Click HERE to get details on how to make your very own button monogram.