Fly, Fab, & Fashionable

I love to see a fashionable couple. I mean a couple who's style and personality that truly compliments each other. For the first installment of Fly, Fab, & Fashionable, I present to you the Clinton's! This dynamic fashion couple has an elegant style that speaks volumes without being flashy or to over the top.

When asked to describe his personal style Shana states
I would define my personal style as a fusion of modern, vintage, classic, and contemporary. My style elusively evolves but holds on to the past at the same time. As a man, I love to pay tribute to many of the classic styles that have come and gone, I identify myself as a modern fashion gentleman. I love vintage suits, handkerchiefs, lapel pins, neckwear, and shoes.
When it comes to fashion, I think fashion is a personal yet artistic expression of all of the discombobulated ideas that are in my head. It is like art, my body is a canvas and I have an opportunity to paint a picture of what I want the world to see when they look at me. My fashion puts me in control of what a spectator’s eye sees. I know that there are some telltale laws of fashion that must be followed. However, I think perfectly fine to identify a fashion rule and creatively and beautifully break it.
When it comes to spousal influence: My wife gives me free reign to style her (and myself) and most of all she trusts my keen eye for style and fashion. 

Shana is also an up and coming photographer
Lapel Pins from Shana's collection

                                                                                                                                                                          When asked to describe her personal style Quesha states                     
I would define my personal style as a collision of femininity, mixed with a touched elegance and topped off with a splash of reserved sexiness. I like to flirt with a variety of looks and I have no problem with being a style chameleon. I have a penchant for dresses, heels, jewelry, and handbags.
When it comes to fashion, for me fashion is a way of life. I live, eat, and breathe fashion. I think the world is a runway, I think every moment my feet hit the ground I have any opportunity to show the world something that they did not see yesterday. I think the key to being fashionable is to commit to a look and own it. As a woman, I am conscious of my body and I am careful to ensure that I wear fashion in a way that it accentuates the positives.

Look at those cute kiddies in the background!

Love the Draping on the Neckline of this Dress with her Natural Hair!

Marquesha is a recipient of the I Teach I Am Award. It's awarded only to the top educators in Memphis!

Date Night with the Clinton's

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