closet organization

How to Organize your Closet

Junkie closets.....we all have or have had them. Rather the problem stems from to much clutter, lack of space, or the convenience of just placing clothing anywhere, a junkie closet can cost you more time and money than you think. Cluttered closets lead to missing and forgotten items which leads to purchasing the same items over and over again. Save your time and money and get that closet organized. Here are 3 starter tips on how to get your closet in tip top shape.

1. No More Wire Hangers!!!    

The proper hangers for each clothing piece is a must. Heavy clothing placed on small fragile hangers will lead to clothing slipping off and bend broken hangers. Invest in heavy duty plastic hangers, or if you are really fancy, wooden.

2. Stack your Shoes in Clear Containers

Place your shoes in clear containers. This allows you to see the shoes without having to remove them from the box. These saves space, helps keep the shape of the shoe, and prevents the dreaded missing mate to your shoe.

3.Color Coordinate your Clothing

Hanging clothing in the same color family will make it easy for your eye to go toward the color you are wearing for the day. This also helps prevent buying duplicate items in the same color.  Plus it looks so cute and chic.

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