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Kandi Burruss's Son Has a Product Line.

If nothing else, Kandi Burriss knows how to make a buck. The money making talent has been passed on to her son Ace, with the launch of his very own product line Raising Ace and the launch of his shoe line, Ace Wells Shoes. Raising Ace will include products with will carry teething necklaces, onesies, and much more. 

Check out the announcement Kandi did via the Raising Ace Instagram page.

Kelly Rowland & Baby Shine with Elle.com

Kelly Rowland took a pretty fabulous set of pics for an interview for Elle.com. I'm not a fan of pregnancy pics.....for myself anyway, but Kelly looks great. Motherhood, being a new wife, rumors of playing Donna Summers in a upcoming movie, and heading back in the studio, it seems like Kelly is on her way to continued success.

Check out more pictures from the shoot and her full interview here http://www.elle.com/news/culture/kelly-rowland-pregnancy-q-and-a?click=hprc