Fashion Find- Nubian Skin

Us brown girls know how hard it is to find a true nude bra when we need one. We often end up with underwear that is beige or just plain dingy looking. Well worry no more because Nubian Skin is the answer to all the brown girl hosiery and lingerie problems. With bra sizes ranging from 30A to 40DD and colors with yummy names like Au Lait, Caramel, Berry, and Cinnamon you are sure to love the colors and variety that this brand offers.

Founded in London by fashion lover Ade Hassan, Nubian Skin was founded out of the frustration of not having true nude options for women of color. The delicate, sexy, and stylish selection of bras, panties, and thigh highs are what brown skin girls have been craving for years. 

Nubian Skin offers worldwide shipping, and has a price point of $13.00-$70.00. With these prices and stylish options, brown girls have no excuse not to have the best options when it comes to undergarments. 

Check out a behind the scenes photo shoot and interview with the creator Ade Hassan and her style team. Bra Review

Ok So I knew something was going on when I started to get the dreaded bra strap marks on my shoulders. I knew my boobs had grown, but I was thinking about a cup size or maybe even a half a cup size. I went to my favorite bra store, Cacique to get fitted. Imagine my surprise when she told me I was now a 34DDD and that they didn't have my band size, only my cup size. I left and went home with my sore shoulders and aching boobs. How could I have grown 2 sizes in 4 years?!? Then it hit me, we as women have to get fitted for new bras on a regular basis because our bodies are always changing. Weight gain, weight loss, menopause..all are factors in the size of our breast. Many women are already wearing the incorrect size bra and are for some reason afraid to embrace the curves up top. After not having success at Cacique,I took to the internet and came across Hanes. They had a great sale going on, free shipping with a purchase of  $60 or more, and delivery was quick. I got 4 great bras for $73.15 with tax.

Bali Underwire Bra- sale price $14.99 original price $38.00 


*Great full coverage

*Thicker straps so it offers great shoulder              comfort
*Under wire is comfortable and really lifts your boobies


*The area around the nipples are cut to a     point so they can make the nipple area        appear bigger than what they really are.
*This bra is thin and has no padding or          lining so if you get cold there will be a        bit of nipple showing through thin or       fitted tops. 

Final Opinion- This is a good bra. Due to it not having an lining I will only wear this bra with a top or dress that is thicker due to the possible nipple show. I order this bra in a 34DDD and in a 36DDD. I go up a band size somethings just for a bit of added comfort. In this style the 34DDD was a perfect fit. 

Playtex Perfectly Smooth Underwire Bra- sale price $19.99 original p

*Maximum coverage
 *Thick straps for a very comfortable fit                  on shoulders

*The back offers coverage of back and bra rolls
 *Lining to prevent nipples from               showing
  *Under wire is comfortable and offers        good lift and support

 *Band runs a bit large. I normally wear                 a 36 inch band but I needed a 34 band                   in this one. 

Final decision- Great bra. I will be ordering more but in the 34 band size. 

Playtex Secrets Feel Gorgeous Embroidered Under Wire Bra- sale price $16.99 original price $38.00

*Maximum coverage

*Thick straps for a very comfortable fit   on shoulders
 *The back offers coverage of back and
bra rolls
* Lining to prevent nipples from showing
 * Under wire is comfortable and offers             good lift and support
*Cute design and a diamond for a touch                of sass. 

cons-  *None

Final Decision- This bra is perfect. I got a 36DDD in this bra and the fit is great. I will be ordering tons of bras in this style. 

Bra Faux Pas

Over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Many women will go up in their band size, when in fact they should be increasing their cup size. Example: A women is wearing a 38b when she should be wearing a 36c.  Here are a few tips to tell if you are in the wrong bra size and how to find the correct fit for your boobs.

1. Back Riding Up — The hooks of your bra should lay flat on your back below your shoulder blades. A bra that rides up in the back will cause the front of the bra to hand low or sag. This will give the appearance that you have saggy boobs and will offer little to no support. 

Solution- Go down a band size. A tighter fit on your band will do away with this issue, and will allow you the perfect fit. When decreasing your band size you may have to increase your cup size to get the perfect fit.  Example: A women is wearing a 38b when she should be wearing a 36c. 

2. Spillage — Do you have side boobs and muffin top boob?Yes...... You need both a bigger band and a bigger cup size! A nicely fitted bra should cover the entire breast area and not leave anything left at the sides.

3.   Grooves — If you have big boobs then you more than likely have experienced this. The marks are caused because the bra is to tight or the straps are to thin to bare the weight of your breast. Try a bra with wider straps. Wider straps offer more support and helps with your posture. 

4. Sagging Breasts — Your bra is supposed to support your breast and hide any form of sagging. If your breast are still saggy in your bra, then under wire is a must. The under wire will give you an added layer of lift and support. 

The best way to get the perfect fit is to try on different sizes in different brands. Different brands have varying cuts, so trying them on is a must.  Once you find a perfect fitting bra remember to purchase bras as the seasons change. Over washing a bra can cause the threads, under wire, and straps to unravel and loosen. 

 Happy bra shopping ladies!