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Product Review- Kiss Pure Fiber Lash Extension

Now I will be the first to admit that I am not a makeup girl. I can literally apply my makeup in 5 minutes and be out the door, but even with that I have 3 key items that I must have. My Posner cover stick, a red lip, and good mascara...which brings me to this review. I tried Kiss Pure Fiber Mascara and it is by far the biggest disappointment I have had with a mascara. I attempted to take before and after pics but the fibers in the mascara flaked and burned my eyes instantly with no flair added to my lashes. Imagine my disappointment because I have used Kiss products in the past and I have loved them. I would not recommend this mascara to contact wearers or those with sensitive eyes, as the extension fibers in the mascara do not bond well and will flake and shed in your eyes. Not to mention it clumps and smudges like crazy.  

Out of 5 fashion stars I would have to give the Kiss Pure Fiber Mascara one star.

Style in the City- Style by L. Thomas Customer Appreciation Spa Party

This past year of re-branding and continuing my business has had a few challenges. The only challenge that I didn't have was the constant love and support of my wonderful clients. I love these ladies so much. Not just because they shop with me, but because of who they are.....strong, inspiring, and beautiful women. I decided to host a small event to show my appreciation for my clients over the past year. Mrs. Candice Lucas of Beauticontrol pampered the ladies with  everything from lip scrubs, detox towels, hand massages, makeup application, and more. I'm so thankful to Candice and all my clients that came out today!!!

Mimomas and gift bags for every guest!

Leshundra of UCAN in a natural makeup look form Beauticontrol. She is also rocking her Style by L. Thomas Off Duty Top.

Fresh Flowers

Each guest received a hand written note

April loved her facial and gift bag!!

Beauty on a Budget -Kiss Nails

I hardly ever pay for a manicure or a full set of nails at a nail salon these days. I found and fell in love with Kiss nails a few years ago. The thing I love most about them is the fact that your natural nails remain healthy. These nails are quick and easy to apply. If you are getting ready for date night, work, or just a night on the town, these nails will give you a perfect manicure in less than 15 minutes. Here is a full set of nails you can get for under $8.00!!!

Everything you need is included in the package.

There is even a slot to hold the nail glue to avoid spillage.

File nails to roughen up the nails. This will ensure the nail stays in place

Push cuticles back.

apply a small amount of glue on the nail. Press on to your natural nails and wallah....a instant manicure.