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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

My husband and myself will be celebrating 13 years of marriage on Monday July 7th, and I had no idea what to get him as a gift. After 13 years of marriage and 15 years together, just about every gift that you can think of has been given. I searched the internet and came across  This site lists some great gift ideas from the 1st up to the 60th wedding anniversary. These include gifts to give to your mate, and gifts to give to other couples. Here is a list of my favorites.

Year 1- Paper Anniversary

A nicely handwritten love letter to your spouse is the perfect way to say I love you that 1st year. Be sure to mention memorable moments that happened during the wedding, and any 1st your shared your first year of marriage.  You can also give your spouse "love coupons" to redeem at their leisure.

Year 2- Leather Anniversary 

I love the smell of leather, and a nice leather handbag is perfect for the woman in your life for your 3rd wedding anniversary. For the man in your life ladies, a nice leather wallet, jacket, or even a martini shaker wrapped in leather is perfect.

Year 12- Silk

 After 12 years of marriage a little spice on the anniversary is just what you need. The soft feel of silk sheets, robes, and undergarments are perfect to set the mood for a romantic night.

Year 14- Ivory

Year 14, the year of romance and ivory. A great anniversary date for music lovers during this year would be a piano concert. This would allow you as a couple some time to dance and whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears.

Year 17- Wine/Spirits

Wine...of course!!! Who doesn't love a nice bottle of wine? For your 17th anniversary look forward to giving or receiving a nice bottle of wine. After 17 years, you deserve to splurge a little on a great bottle.

Year 22- Water

Water is romantic, calming, and tranquil. For your
22nd, a nice trip to a waterfall, a cruise, or a water front vacation property is perfect.

Year 38- Luck

Year 38, the year of luck! Get really lucky with a trip to Vegas and win, win, win! You can also take in some great shows and renew your vows in the quickie marriage capital of the world!

These are just a few ideas for gifts. Check out the link above to put your own special twist on the gift ideas!