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Style Crush- Carmen Dell'orefice

Carmen has been dubbed the world's oldest working supermodel. At 85 years old Carmen is still gracing the runways of designers all over the world. Born in New York to Italian and Hungarian descent, Dell'orefice began her career a few months shy of her fourteenth birthday in the summer of 1945. Carmen Dell’orefice, an introverted, skinny kid of Italian-Hungarian extraction (father a musician, mother a dancer) walked over to the Vogue studios at 480 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan and reported for work. Her first pictures - by the underrated Clifford Coffin - show a serious, disconcerting beauty with an intense gaze, a dancer’s elongated lines and a swimmer’s athletic shoulders, and on the strength of them Vogue offered her an exclusive, $7.50 an hour, contract. With countless magazine cover and runway shows under her belt since her first cover, Dell'orefice is still making waves in the fashion industry.
Vogue Cover 1947
Outside of being drop dead gorgeous, Carmen also has been known as a keen needlewoman. She would buy charity shop blankets and make them into coats in her early modeling days. "Me and Suzy Parker [the model and actress] always took our sewing-machines to Paris so we could make something to wear in the evening." Add actress to her resume with tv shows and movies to include, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ,The Guru, Celebrity, The Sunchaser, and The Age of Innocence, and you have a model, actress, and author, that has blazed the runways and cameras for those that came after her.
A three time divorcee, a best selling author, and a mother of one, Carmen is still going strong at the ripe age of 85. When asked how she keeps her model shape, she simply states "I eat to my appetite and don’t count calories." Although she does admit to having a great appreciation to ice cream. 

Check out a few videos featuring the forever impeccable Carmen Dell'orefice below.  


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