OWN's Greenleaf and It's Take On Memphis Fashion

I am in love with OWN's new Drama Greenleaf which airs on Wednesday nights. The show premiered with record breaking ratings and is looking good for a second season. The series follows a Memphis mega church family and captures all the church drama, family secrets, and greed that comes along with that much power. Of course you can't have a mega church without mega fashion. Us Memphians now that the church is a place were new fashions are showcased and create trends for the runways. The costume designer, Johnetta Boone, which has also designed for The Have and The Have Nots, Cadillac Records, and The Notebook just to name a few, captured the style of Memphis perfectly. From the casual wear to the Sunday Best, the characters on Greenleaf come across natural yet polished with a true sense of Memphis Fashion.

Take a look at the Greenleaf Q and A and be sure to tune in to OWN every Wednesday to catch Greenleaf.