Get Fit for 2016

The new year will be here in a few days, and the number one goal of weight loss is sure to be on the top of many lists.  We all have sworn off sweets and pledged to hit the gym, but it's another new year and that weight loss goal is still number one on the list..... again.  The solution... Twana Johnson! Twana is the creator of Fit with Twana.
Twana Johnson is a mother, professional model, and a personal trainer.  She founded Fit with Twana, LLC which based out of Memphis, TN.  Twana is very passionate about motivating, encouraging and instructing individuals to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Fit with Twana focuses on personal training, healthy diet regimens, and group workouts.  Twana encourages her clients to become whole physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Although she is based out of Memphis, you can workout via her online workouts or with her exercise dvd, both which are available on her site Fit with Twana.
Be sure to visit the site for full details and class schedules.