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Elizabeth Keckley- Dressmaker to the President's Wife

ot many of Keckley's designs still exist actually. And even with those pieces that do exist, there’s a question as to whether they can be attributed to Keckley. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History has a Mary Lincoln gown, a purple velvet dress with two bodices, that the first lady wore during the second presidential inauguration. There’s a buffalo plaid green and white day dress with a cape at the Chicago History Museum. At the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Illinois, you’ll find a black silk dress with a strawberry motif that you’d wear to a strawberry party, which was a 19th-century Midwestern picnic tradition, but it’s disputed as to whether or not it’s a Keckley.

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Solange on Jimmy Fallon

In the performance Solange in wearing a piece designed by Tine and Tim White. The costume is woven  to attache her to her background singers. The symbolism, the dance choreography, the staging....everything about this just screams YES to me. 

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